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The Putting Plates are designed to assist golfers of all abilities in perfecting their aim, ball starting line and green reading. Trusted worldwide by numerous touring professionals and collegiate golfers, we know that The Putting Plates are the right tool to help you perfect your putting.

The Putting Plates come in sets of three (3) and are customizable to your brand or logo.


Typically when putting, the only feedback you receive is whether the ball goes in the hole. With The Putting Plates, there is now a way to determine if your miss or make is due to green reading, ball start line, putter face at impact or speed. The Putting Plates are one of the only ways to determine that these fundamentals of putting are correct.


Step 1

Find your ball start line. A tee should be placed in the ground near the hole to ensure the Plates are aimed correctly. Using a string line or straight line will help ensure perfect aim of the Plates, which is critical.

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Step 2

Place the Plates on the ground with the narrow end of the Plate toward the hole. Once the Plate is aimed correctly, keep Plate steady and anchor it to the green with tees in desired holes for both putter path (rear holes) and ball start line (front holes). For both putter path and ball start line, the holes closest to the front of the Plate will be more difficult.

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Step 3

With the Plates secured, start putting. Note the instant feedback the Plates provide.

If your putter hits the rear tees, you are not bringing your putter through with a straight path. If your ball hits the exit tees/gate your ball is not starting on line. If your ball gets through the gate tees and your speed is correct, but you miss repeatedly then your read is incorrect. Once you determine the correct read, re-aim the Plate and continue putting until your aim and ball start line are consistent. Move to the next putt.

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"The Putting Plates have totally changed the way I practice my putting. The instant feedback the Plates provide makes it clear where I need to make corrections and I have seen tremendous improvement in my putting accuracy. I highly recommend The Putting Plates to professional and amateur golfers alike."

-Charley Hoffman, PGA Tour

"I have seen and used other putting devices, but the performance of The Putting Plates far exceeds that of anything else on the market. The ball roll off the putter and onto the green is clean; no ball jumping or skipping that would affect the putt. Additionally, the simplicity of design and ease of use makes The Putting Plates the only putting aid I will use."

-Russell Surber, Web.com Tour

"I loved The Putting Plates the first time I tried them and truly appreciate the ability to see any putting errors as they happen. It makes it easy to practice perfect."

-Chris Riley, PGA Tour



Standard: $99 (plus tax in CA)
Custom with your logo: $149 (plus tax in CA)

All custom orders will be evaluated prior to completion to ensure logos are compatible with plate design. Shipping takes 7-10 business days for custom orders and 5-7 business days for standard orders.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about bulk orders please contact us.

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